I do want to be very clear in my abilities so we don't waste our time!

I come from a long line of Healers and I use my skills to guide you down the path to help you  get the answers you are seeking as far as blocks you may have, your life purpose, some healing concerns, and even some relationship issues.

I ultimately connect to your being at an energetic "soul level" rather than the physical level. This means I will most easily be able to tell you what your soul and higher self wants you to know. I view this as more of a very spiritual reading and know that my angels will guide me to heal and coach you through important matters in your life.

I work as a channel and know that everything that goes onto the paper (if I am writing out your message) or that comes out of my mouth is a message from the Divine. I will not always be able to recall what came out, and that is part of the process. Please also know that I am not able to give you information that will not contribute to healing your body, your mind, your purpose, or your relationships! 

I have some general types of readings at my online store on Etsy, but please know that I often times customize what any client wants. I also work in-person and over skype for additional rates so schedule a "free discovery call" to determine if spirit wants us to work together! 

Tiffany Lengyel

Reiki Energy Healer, Energy Counselor, & meditation Guide

Intuitive Readings