If you are looking for a thorough and to-the-point reading, Tiffany is the go-to girl. I was completely lost about a relationship that had been plaguing me, so I went to her. She is gentle in her approach, asks thought provoking questions, and also helped me learn how to get my own answers! I've had readings before, but the one Tiffany gave me was outstanding.

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 I am a Spiritual Guide, an Intuitive Energy Healer, and an Intuitive Angel Card reader.  I am dedicated to empowering light workers to create a balanced and fulfilled life, and helping them create the healthiest, happiest, and most energized version of themselves so you can brighten up the world in which we live! 

I am passionate about helping clients with: 

Intuitive Energy Healing

Reducing Energy Blockages
Coaching guided by Spirit
Increased Energy

Increased Personal Strength
 Motivation and Inspiration 
​Stress Reduction
A Mind-Body solution
Choosing faith over fear
Increased Confidence
Support & Accountability

​Self-Care & Self-Love 

Bettina S, Denmark

I just received a great reading!! Tiffany gave me some great advice to work on to improve my situation as a great coach and she gave me good enlightenment about my situation. I will recommend her with all my heart and I will definitely be back the next time I need some help and support.

I am so happy that I had Tiffany do an Angel card reading for me. I had tears in my eyes as I read her reading! Before the reading, I had spent a few months unmotivated and unclear what direction I should be going in. After the reading, I had clarity to see my journey and was motivated to move forward again! Thank you!!

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Tara K, Norway

I believe...

  • Every challenge leads us to an opportunity for growth...
  • When we make decisions based on love instead of fear,  we will find our true happiness...
  • ​When we heal, we finally allow ourselves to be seen...
  • ​With the right mindset, anything is possible...

I just finished an Energy Healing Session with Tiffany 3 days ago and it's more than I could have ever imagined! I've come to so many realizations in the days since it's been done and I've had her coaching support the entire way.  Before my session I felt exceptionally stressed, unbalanced, confused, with a very heavy heart. After my session I was in tears because of the release, joy, and freedom I felt. I finally know I can move forward, I trust the guidance I have been given by her and by the universe, and with this as only the first of 4 sessions, I know this is only the beginning! 

​Ashley K., United States

What do my clients have to say?  

Lucy B, United States